About the Taxidermist

Shawn and his staff have always had an interest in the outdoors and wildlife. Shawn’s interest in taxidermy started when he experimented on his own deer and fish. He found the whole process very educational and rewarding. He then decided to get his taxidermy license from Rinehart Taxidermy School in Janesville, WI. When he returned from school, he continued to work at his full-time job during the day, but his evenings were spent on taxidermy work. He did taxidermy part-time only until the demand was so great that he had to do taxidermy full-time in order to process orders in a timely manner. With the demand for a quality taxidermist continuing to increase, Shawn has hired a staff of credible and qualified taxidermists to assist in meeting the demands for a taxidermist.

Shawn and his team have been hunters and a fishermen all of his lives. They know how trophy animals should look and how to bring out the best features to fabricate real-life species. Shawn and his team have the talent and experience to re-create wildlife in its element. They take pride in their work and Shawn takes time to inspect the quality of all taxidermy work done by him and his staff to ensure the best workmanship possible.

Shawn and his team have tanned hides and mounted many types of species, including, but not limited to:

  • Deer
  • Fish
  • Coyote
  • Elk
  • Geese
  • Exotic Animals
  • Birds
  • Turkey
  • Fox
  • Ducks
  • Bears
  • Caribou
Customer Service & Customization
When customers bring in a trophy they want tanned or mounted, they discuss their ideas with Shawn. He strives to achieve customer satisfaction. He works with them to customize the animal the way the customer wants. The trophy can be done as simple or as extravagant as the customer desires. Shawn and his staff can create a scene from an animal’s natural habitat and wildlife behavior. They can place the specimen on a base that includes items from the timber. They can put a fish on driftwood from the river or make a splash scene. Let your imagination go! The bases are great accents and enhance the animal to bring a life-like display of your trophy.

Terms & Conditions
All animals must be taken legally, according to all Federal and State laws, and must accompany a permit or license number.

  • A deposit is required with arrival of each specimen. The amount of the deposit depends on the desired work to be done. Call for details.
  • Mounts must be picked up within 30 days of completion. If not picked up after 30 days, specimen will become property of taxidermist.
  • Call us at 888-401-3855 or email us for specific prices.
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